Thankful to ACD for Literally Saving My Life

“I am a 52 year old woman in good physical condition. I was volunteering at the Community Fair 8 Health Fair in Cunningham Park when I noticed Advanced Cardiovascular Diagnostics performing heart health screenings. I knew that I previously smoked and that both my parents died of heart disease before the age of 60, so I had an obvious interest. I filled out the questionnaires and took all the cardiac tests including a Carotid Artery Ultrasound. I was told by Dr. Frankel that my Right Carotid Artery was blocked by 70% and my Left Carotid Artery was blocked by 50%. I was stunned because I felt great and had no symptoms.


I was referred to a Vascular Surgeon by Dr. Frankel. I was given a Carotid Artery Doppler test and a Cat Scan by the Vascular Surgeon. Those tests revealed that my right carotid artery was blocked by over 85% and my left carotid was blocked by less than 50%. I had surgery and was and was so happy and very surprised that I barely felt any pain, but slightly uncomfortable. I am blessed to have peace of mind that I was able to prevent a stroke. I am thankful to Dr. Frankel and the team of Advanced Cardiovascular Diagnostics for literally saving my life.”

Finally My Road to Wellness Continued

“Stroke-like symptoms sent me out of the operating room twice where no diagnosis could be made! No one could figure out what was wrong with me. I needed to get to the bottom of this, and that is when Dr. Andre Saad recommended I see Dr. Perry Frankel of Advanced Cardiovascular Diagnostics.


I contacted Dr. Perry Frankel on a Friday night and he told me to come into his office that Saturday morning. After careful examination and sonogram of my heart, he explained to me that I had a hole in my heart… He sent me to the hospital where further testing concurred with Dr. Frankel’s diagnosis. After surgery not one but three holes were found in my heart. I had my surgery and finally my road to wellness continued thanks to Dr. Frankel of Advanced Cardiovascular Diagnostics.”

Advanced Cardiovascular Diagnostics saved my life

"I am a Captain in the NYC Department of Corrections.  I have a history of high blood pressure that was not controlled by my doctor.  I had always intended to get a thorough examination which included body imaging but could not find the time or felt the urgency to do so.  Advanced Cardiovascular Diagnostics was coming to Rikers and I decided to get checked out.  I was feeling good but it was easy and convenient, as they were coming to our building.  I was given a questionnaire to fill out and then they did a thorough history and physical.  My blood pressure registered high and after a thorough history and physical, they recommended an echocardiogram.  After the test, they sat down with me and explained that I had lost two-thirds of my heart function.  They explained to me that they felt the elevated blood pressure was the major culprit, but needed to do a further evaluation to confirm this.  They explained to me that with this condition I was at substantial risk for sudden cardiac death.  They said I should follow up soon with my doctor or they would help me if I desired.  I decided to go with Advanced Cardiovascular Diagnostics as my doctor never picked up on this, nor spent the time to tell me in layman’s terms what my high blood pressure was doing to me.


They did a workup that showed my condition was due to my untreated blood pressure.  I was told that if my heart function did not go up in 90 days, I would need a defibrillator.  They gave me an external defibrillator vest in the meantime to prevent sudden cardiac death.  They guided me on life style changes as they started me on medicines and kept tweaking them.  I lost over 30 pounds and never felt better.  The final test was when they looked at my heart function, which went up 30% with great medical care.  I did not need a defibrillator and my life was given back to me. 


With the help of Advanced Cardiovascular Diagnostics, I did not need a major procedure and have the energy to enjoy my life.  I feel that Advanced Cardiovascular Diagnostics saved my life and I highly recommend them."