Reducing Healthcare Costs

Cardiovascular disease is the #1 killer in the United States of both men & women and leading cause of permanent disability

On average, employers spend an estimated $18,000 per employee per year for all costs related to health and lost productivity due to illness according to the CDC. Establishing a wellness program in your workplace not only keeps your employees healthier – it also means substantial savings for your company.


Studies show that chronic lifestyle-related diseases such as diabetes and heart disease are on the rise, leading to greater absenteeism and reduced productivity at work and increased health-care coverage costs for employers. However, employers can save money on health-care expenses simply by empowering employees to maintain their own health – and in-office health events are an excellent way to achieve this. In fact, research shows that companies who offer corporate wellness programs find claims costs reduced by 28%, hospital admissions declined by 62% and disability costs reduced by 34%. And individual corporations report a return on investment as high as $2.51 to $4.73 for every dollar spent on a workplace wellness program.


Advanced Cardiovascular Diagnostics brings to your workplace a selection of professionals who are expert in maintaining and restoring health. They provide an invaluable service by offering tests and screening for current or potential health issues and educating your employees on their options. (Certain screenings or procedures, such as flu and shingles vaccinations, cholesterol screenings) The news gets better: These health events can help you achieve these substantial savings at little or no cost to you or your employees.


Moreover, wellness programs can help make your workplace less stressful and more efficient. Healthy people are happier and more pleasant to work with, more alert and more competent. They work more cooperatively together and make fewer mistakes.


Advanced Cardiovascular Diagnostics offers unique, lifesaving workplace cardiovascular testing. Analysis of multiple studies revealed that simple workplace wellness initiatives, such as risk factor testing, body mass index (BMI) measurements, cholesterol and blood pressure screening demonstrated the following advantages of preventative screenings:


  •     Reduced insurance costs

  •     Reduced absenteeism costs

  •     Reduced pre-absenteeism (not functioning at optimal work performance)

Let us show you how our wellness programs can benefit both your employees and you bottom line.

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